P25LC2 Diffuser

Revolutionary design

P25 Diffuser series

We combined both the spot and diffused output in one LED flashlight head. It's a ground breaking structure in the flashlight industry, where traditionally uses diffser add-on tip, diffused lens, or zoomable head to achieve the diffused or flooded beam effect.

(This diffuser head design is PATENT PENDING in U.S. and China.)

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Ultra high performance

SPOT 1317 Lumen

The center spot LED is powered by the top binned CREE XM-L2 U4 Cool White. The P25LC2 Diffuser gives you the maximum brightness output in its class. Neutral white output color is also available with CREE XM-L2 N.W. U2 LED.

DIFFUSED 520 Lumen

Nineteen thermal enhanced high power 3014 LED is installed in an ring shape to create unparallel lumen output. We use imported optical grade shatterproof material to create both the diffused output in the surrounding and flood beam up front. Neutral white LED array is used with Neutral White XM-L2 LED.

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Sideshot and Beamshot

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Dual channels output

This advanced circuitry allows user to turn on just the SPOT LED like a regular flashlight, or turn on just the diffused LED like a fire torch, or turn both the spot and diffused LED for maximum viewing area.

Low dropout & highly efficient circuit

To enhance the current regulated runtime with single li-ion battery, we used the latest IC and high-end passive components to minimize the internal resistance and the dropout voltage of the circuitry.

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Advanced optical design

197 yards beam distance

We use special and custom made machinery tooling to make the deepest reflector possible. Deeper reflector means more reflective surface for converting more spill output into the spot beam.

180 degree diffused beam

We use optical grade diffused material to manufacture the flashlight head for high optical efficiency.

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Twisty head & forward clicky switch

Spot & Diffuse memory setting

The microprocessor of the circuitry remebers your last LED preference.

One press for MAX or MIN output

With head tighten/loosen, turning on the flashlight will always get you the maximum/minimum output power.

Four pre-defined output

Turn the head to access three common output levels. You can pre-select your desired output before turning on the light. A quick twist will get you the lowest level (4th level). This makes it especially useful when you are in a dark environment and need to preserve your adapted night vision or need maximum runtime.

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Rigid flashlight holster.

Rigid built nylon holster.

Heavy duty nylon holster designed for everyday wearing. The holster also comes with a flip with a snap button for secure wearing.


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