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Ultra high efficiency circuit design

The C3300 Extreme circuit dominate the output competition with its ultimate power management ability and proven stability.

T25C2 without boundary

  • Whether you're professionals that uses ultraviolet (UV) 365nm/395nm output for inspection/verification/curing, or specialists that uses infrared (IR) 850nm/940nm output for night vision purposes, or artists/perfectionists that uses high CRI, or hobbyists that uses multi-color LED for outdoor sport, the T25C2 offers a wide selections of optional LED drop-ins that comes in different wavelength and output to suit your special needs.
  • With improved LED efficiency and circuit performance introduced from LED or IC manufacturers almost every few years, always enjoy the latest technology and new functions by upgrading to the latest LED module at a very reasonable cost.
  • Excellent runtime and flat regulation

    T25C2 runs for 150+ hours on its lowest brightness level with EAGTAC 3400mAh 18650 li-ion. The current regulated circuit design allows constant output throughout its runtime for all output levels without flicking.

    At highest brightness level, T25C2 current regulates for 1 hour using two EAGTAC CR123A batteries. With two 3400mAh 18650 batteries (using 4 cells body extender) you get about 3.3 hours of runtime on high (2.5 hours with energy saving feature turned off).

    The current regulation control method allows the just right of amount of current going through the LED. This results in constant brightness output regardless of battery type, LED variation, and temperature change.